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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, i'm grace lee. frank has the afternoon off. we begin with breaking news
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out of sonoma county. a marin county sheriff's deputy is shot and killed after trying to help a friend in a domestic dispute early this morning in petaluma on liberty road. the nine-year veteran went to the house off duty unarmed to help a female friend who said her ex-boyfriend was making death threats to her. authorities say when the deputy asked halloran to leave the houser, fired two shots. he then tried to take a woman at gunpoint, but was shot and killed by another person at the house. we'll have much more on this investigation and this developing story tonight at 5:00. a story of survival in san francisco bay. a windsurfer is alive and well after spending all night in the water. the 62-year-old winter left from coyote point yesterday and was in the water for the next 13 hours. as anser hassan reports the coast guard found her under the
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san mateo bridge. >> it was spectacular. i saw them go down -- drop the guy down and lift her out. >> reporter: what were your thoughts? >> good. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with cbs 5 the first since being reunited with his wife, who went missing in the waters of san francisco bay, steven hammond says her fighting spirit kept her alive. >> she's strong. she's a strong person, you know? just has a lot of you know -- done a lot of pretty extreme things. >> reporter: the 62-year-old was rescued just after 6 a.m. near the san mateo bridge. her sail broke off her board shortly after set out to go wind surfing off the shores of foster city. she tried to signal for help but was too far out. her emergency light wouldn't work. her radio batteries went dead. so the next 13 hours she was left to battle the wind and
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waves with only her will to survive to keep her afloat. >> i was told to come to the door via hand signal. so i sat down here. >> reporter: a u.s. coast guard officer is a swimmer who pulled her from the waters. >> she was in an excellent state of mind. she didn't complain, did not panic once. calm the, cool and collected. >> reporter: she was flown to an air station near sfo where she was treated and released. she and her husband say they are going home to rest but she is not done. she says she plans to get back into the water next week. at sfo, anser hassan, cbs 5. the highest executives at news corp were on the hot seat today testifying before portalment. they fought off intensive questioning from lawmakers as well as an actual physical attack. charlie d'agata has the latest on the growing scandal. >> reporter: media giant rupert murdock faced british lawmakers to defend his billion-dollar
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global empire but 2.5 hours into questioning, he had to defend himself. >> oh!! >> reporter: a man lunged from the crowd at murdoch with a plateful of foam. his wife jumped to his rescue before police took the protestor away. earlier, murdock's son james apologized for phone hacking at the family's "news of the world" newspaper. >> it's a matter of great regret. >> were you aware -- >> reporter: politicians fired questions at the murdochs all on live tv. >> did you accept that ultimately you are responsible for that whole fiasco? >> no. >> you are not responsible? who is responsible? >> the people that i trusted to run and then maybe the people they trusted. >> reporter: murdoch employees are accused of tapping the voicemails of murder victims, politicians, even the families of 9/11 victims. former "news of the world" editor rebekah brooks also took the hot seat and chose her words carefully. she is also under police
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investigation. >> things went badly wrong at the "news of the world" and we are doing our best to sort it out. >> reporter: a separate committee grilled the london chief of police who resigned because of allegations police took bribes from murdoch reporters. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. two oakland women are facing a judge today on charges of taking a 4-month-old baby on a crime spree. police say that the baby's mother raven stewart and her friend lachey rodriguez started breaking into cars in berkeley and emeryville around noon last friday. officers caught them around 8 p.m. after a security camera captured one of the crimes themryville. police sent the women's pictures to local security firms and they were spotted trying to return stolen items to a target store. >> women don't tend to be the ones that go around doing burglaries in the daytime. but what really threw us for a loop was the fact that they had a 4-month-old baby with them.
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>> that baby was given to another family member. jury selection is under way in the trial of a former santa clara police officer. 37-year-old clay rojas is facing a dozen counts. he is accused of providing confidential law enforcement information to a member of the hells angels to pay off a debt. the "mercury news" reports that a suspected hells angels member william bettencourt will be tried separately on related charges. here's some other news around the bay area. san francisco police chief greg suhr may face some emotional questions from residents tomorrow. he will be taking their questions at a town hall meeting in the bayview district tomorrow night. a lot of residents say they are outraged by the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old from seattle that happened over the weekend. but police say they have proof that the teenager fired at them first. they have recovered a gun but they don't know yet if it belonged to the suspect who was shot. and a suspicious house fire in vallejo is under
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investigation this afternoon. around 1:15 this morning, firefighters responded to mueller and star streets. it took nearly 30 minutes and 18 firefighters to get those flames under control. it looks like it was an abandoned home where homeless may have been living. that fire caused about $100,000 in damage. a friend of one of the seven fishermen missing off baja, california is not giving up. she tells the santa rosa press- democrat she plans to raise money for a private dive team. she wants to find one of the fishermen from petaluma missing since the boat he was on sank in a storm on july 3. the u.s. coast guard and the mexican navy suspended the official search last week after covering 7,000 square miles. well, quite the show along the northern california coastline. blue whales in record numbers have been spotted cavorting in the waters and as elizabeth wenger reports this could be a sight of a lifetime. >> reporter: it is.
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they were actually spotted in large amounts near the farralons directly behind me, weather obviously making it a little difficult to see this afternoon. but scientists explained it to me like. this basically there is one whale calls over his we'll buddies says check it out there's a lot of food and that's why you have that's whale buddies in such large numbers. pretty cool especially if you have never seen a blue whale before. >> reporter: it's a whale of a party off the coast of san francisco lately. blue whales about the size of three buses have been making an appearance on a grand scale in the gulf of the farralons. >> it's incredible. if you have never seen a blue whale in your life you really should try to get to see them. at 80 feet and 80 tons you can't imagine how big the animal is. >> reporter: he says on a recent whale watching trip they spotted 25 blue whales. and another 25 humpbacks. this is some video shot by the oceanic society in previous years. so why the unusual number of
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sightings? blame the food chain. >> when the temperatures and the currents are correct in the gulf, the krill moves in and whales follow. >> reporter: humpbacks get to 50 tons, blue to 80 tons. even with their size they can be acrobatic. for some, the vision can be life changing. >> to hear about a whale to read about a whale and then to see one, it's an incredible experience. >> reporter: and those blue whales and the humpbacks were all spotted in large numbers along the monterey coast and then we understand they are heading up this way. if you want to check it out, they will probably be here for a few months. so arrange a tour. grace, back to you. >> thank you, elizabeth wenger. hey, students, are you sick of heavy textbooks and the cost? one popular company might have a solution. >> plus another air traffic controller under fire, this
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time accused of being drunk on the job. how he was caught. and lots of ideas but still no solid decision. leaders from both sides of the political spectrum craft ideas to balance the federal budget. and if you are one of those are asking for hot temperatures and blue skies, today's is your day. starting to see a warmup and continuing with that warming trend. going to get even hotter. i'll tell you more coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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atlantis, station is in attitude control. >> atlantis copies, thanks. it's the end of an era for the last time in the foreseeable future. a u.s. space shuttle undocked from the international space station. shuttle atlantis is expected to
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return home thursday. several hours before the undocking, the crew woke up to the song "don't panic "by coldplay. an air traffic controller in denver may have been drunk on the job. two weeks ago, the faa did a random test on a veteran controller. this happened midway through his shift's directed live traffic. the results revealed a blood alcohol level that exceeded the allowed limit of .04. he was removed from duty immediately. a family member says that the controller was given the choice, either to quit or in a rehab and he chose rehab. but officials say he could still be fired. the tea party says they have a solution to the nation's debt limit problem. and house lawmakers will vote on it today. it is called, cut cap and balance. and it would raise the debt limit. the proposal cuts federal spending back to 2004 levels and caps it there. there's also a constitutional amendment requiring the
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government to balance its budget every year. >> we get cuts in spending and real reforms that make sure this problem never, ever happens again. >> now, the plan is expected to pass the house but fail in the senate. the next step, a bipartisan plan which would allow the president to cut spending by the same amount he raises the debt limit. that deadline is august 2. are you looking for a job? well, twitter may be able to help. the social media site is hosting its first-ever american jobs conference. all day, twitter will host the conference. for new graduates, learn how to find a job or how to change your career mid-level. business school graduates are flocking to big-name tech and engineering firms. a recent survey by universal finds google is number one on the top list of mba employers for the fifth year in a row. apple and facebook were also in
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the top 10. overall, tech and engineering firms continue to climb in the rankings. meanwhile, financial institutions are on the slide. this coming semester college students can skip lugging around all those heavy textbooks. remember that? amazon is offering etextbook rentals for kindle users. rentals will also be compatible with making, pcs and mobile devices. according to amazon, etextbook rental prices will be up to 80% less than the list price of print veterans,. it's no cabbage patch but a new doll from europe may be a little too real. get a first look at the breast- feedin doll. i'm scared. i have never been through anything like that. >> caught in a flash flood, how drivers were finally rescued from the rushing waters. and after a spring and summer full of cold temperatures, finally starting to warm up, plenty of blue skies out there. warming trend over the next several days. i'll tell you how long it's
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going to last coming up. ,, ,,,,,,
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camera. it was just like a tonight of water just came towards us then my car spun. >> a woman caught in a car in pennsylvania captured it on a
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cell phone camera. the storm dumped several inches of rain in pittsburgh and causing cars and trucks to stall. drivers were wondering whether to get out or stay in the cars. eventually the water subsided. no one was hurt. it's a different story for most of the midwest suffering from a blistering heat wave. it extends from texas to minnesota and the dakotas. temperatures are soaring to more than 100 degrees in a lot of those spots and that's likely to continue all week expanding to the east. and kristy, what's causing all this heat? >> well, you know, that area of high pressure that's bringing those unbearable temperatures to the rest of the country is actually bringing us the pleasant weather. you feel bad for everybody else that's having to deal with that heat wave but here for us is blue skies and plenty of sunshine and those temperatures that are creeping up day by day, look at the shot outside. you look last week, didn't look anything like this. plenty of gray there and clouds last totally different picture today. this afternoon a little cloud
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cover along the coastline but gorgeous and warmer than yesterday at least in some locations. high 80s inland, around the bay seeing that sunshine and like i said the coast even seeing sunshine there too. keeping it clear inland, a little bit of patchy fog along the bay shores and, of course, some fog at the coastline. not chilly by any means. we are in the clear right now as you look outside from the shot. also here to the north to the south inland clear for the most part just a little bit of lingering clouds at the bay and the coast. so this low that's kept us cold is out the door. this area of high pressure building in that's bringing that warm weather here that we are going to enjoy and actually for a couple of more days. warm throughout the rest of northern california. 88 sacramento the high, lake tahoe sunny and 75. here's what your highs look like for today. 84 concord, cooler at the coast, 63 for pacifica. san rafael topping out at 80 today. this is just the start of the warming. you can see for wins and
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thursday, continuing to bump -- wednesday and thursday, continuing to bump those temperatures up to the mid-90s. then a cooldown for the end of the week and weekend. start of next week looking good temperatures inland in the high 80s. so nothing to complain about. it will be a little cool though this ike. victory last night see if you can do it again tonight, temperatures there going to be 62 around the start of game time. clear skies so you should have a good view of the game and if you're heading outside tonight and want to take a beautiful photo, time to do it. those clear skies, you will be able to see sunset like this. if you have a great photo to share, send it to us at back to you. >> thank you. the next time you head to your local toy store, you might be surprised to see a doll that breast-feeds. that's right. it used to be dolls that wet their pants or cried. but now there's a spanish company designing dolls which breast-feed. the child has to wear a special halter top and it has two
12:22 pm
magnetic sensors. once the doll detects those sensors the baby makes a sucking sound. some mothers aren't convinced about this doll. >> you know, girls are very delicate at that age. they are dealing with the breasts just budding and all that and i don't think they should have to think about breast milk. >> the doll maker argues it's teaching children nurturing skills from a young age. it's available online. it will cost about $70. a bride's post wedding photo shoot included a mugshot. you have to see this. what police say she did that had her walking down the aisle and then into a jail cell. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a nationwide takedown. bay area today's tip of the day is this produce item we best buyed this week. this week it's on these italian hot peppers. these long green peppers that are loaded with flavor. and right now in the summertime on the grill, fantastic. let's talk about when you buy them. nice green color all the way around. don't go by the appearance, they are wrinkly and crooked, they curve a lot. let me tell you, they're delicious. but make sure there is no cracking and the stem is attached. if the stem is not attached it will be decaying here, put them back. shelf life, four to five days. not that bad. but make sure you keep them in
12:26 pm
the refrigerator. the way i enjoy them, i put them on the grill with a little bit of olive oil, no salt and pepper until after, cool them down, plate them with extra olive oil, more red pepper. delicious, enjoyable and with some red flakes to it might make it a little bit hot to cool you down with the sweat that you get from enjoying this. so there you go. italian hot green peppers in the market. loaded with flavor, put them on the grill, add the olive oil and enjoy. ciao, everybody. coming up tonight at 5:00, a nationwide takedown. bay area homes raided by the fbi. who investigators have been following for months. that and much more tonight at 5:00. and these are not exactly the kind of wedding photos that most brides dream of. police in jackson county, michigan, arrested tammy hinton on saturday right after she said her i dos.
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the 53-year-old bride was wanted on a three-year-old felony warrant for identity theft. when officers learned that she was in the area, they decided to take her into custody. they didn't care that she was a bride that day. hint ton only spent about a half hour in jail. her new husband had to bail her out and then they went to the reception. words you don't expect on your wedding day, bail me out. >> true love. if he is sticking with her after that good luck to them. >> i know. great mugshot, though. that's it for us on cbs 5 news at noon. have a great day. >> caption colorado, llc ,,
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